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Our most popular product Working and startup capital for new and growing businesses Typical clients receive between 4-8 different business credit cards, one from each lender.

Visa/MC Corporate Credit Cards

  • Visa/MC Corporate Credit Cards – Funds come in the form of business Visa/MC credit cards in the company name These cards are non vendor specific i.e. The cards will NOT be cards that can only used with certain stores, like a Macy’s, Staples, or Home Depot card
  • Introductory 0 Rate on Purchases and/or Balance Transfers for the first 6 12 months on most, if not all the cards
  • Rates as low as 6 99 17 99 or so on purchases after the Introductory Period. Rates vary based on strength of the guarantor’s personal credit profile
  • Pre revenue and startup companies can apply and receive these cards also, as well as established
    companies Biggest factor for approval is strength of
    personal credit

Business Credit Card Applicants

Completed pre qualification form

Guarantor with a strong personal credit profile (700+)

A business entity (LLC, C Corp, or S Corp is preferred by Sole Prop is okay)

A business EIN(Not required for Pre Qualification / Funding Estimate)

Business Checkbook LOC

  • Checkbook access to funds immediately. Recipients usually get a Visa/MC debit card, too
  • Up to $200,000 initial approval limits per LOC. Multiple lenders are usually available
  • Rates typically Prime +0.75% Prime + 4.5%, usually totaling 5 10% APR
  • Will NOT report to personal credit as long as the line stays in good standing
  • Will typically report to business credit, making the business more bankable over time
  • Clients are typically approved and receive their checkbooks in about 14-21 days

Business Checkbook LOC

Business Entity must have incorporated at least 2 years ago. No sole proprietorships

Business must have strong verifiable revenues (ideally $300,000 gross/year and up)

Completed pre qualification form

Credit reports from anybody that owns more than 10% of the business. 700+ scores only

Last year’s business tax returns. If the most recent year has not been filed yet, then we need the most recent business tax filing, a YTD P&L, and ideally a P&L from last year also.

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